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What is Hi-Fi? What Does Hi-Fi mean? 2024 Guide of Hi-Fi Audio Sound

Hi-Fi, short for high fidelity, is all about the accuracy and detail in sound reproduction. Originating in the 1950s, Hi-Fi systems were designed to reproduce sound that was as true to the original recording as possible, minimizing distortion and noise.

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Noisy neighborhoods, mechanical vibrations, unrelated conversations during teleconferences, and many other noises have degraded the quality of sound in real life. In this article we will introduce a noise reduction technology, Active Noise Control (ANC), which can be used as a solution for noise cancellation.

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Meta description: If you're a beginner in pursuit of high-quality sound and are building a premium home audio system, the Jazz Hipster Perfect Fidelity Audio System Guide will provide you with a leisurely journey into the beauty of sound.