Audio Speaker ODM Manufacturer


Automated Speaker ODM Manufacturer Production Lines - Legacy of Ingenuity, Adhere to Quality

The spirit of ingenuity creates our high-quality persistence, and we are committed to providing customers with high-yield, world-class products and caring services are the core values of Jazz Hipster.

  • Powerful and advanced production facilities
  • World-class manufacturing process
  • Multiple Supply chain
  • Global Manufactory Location
  • Fast to Marketing shipping

Audio ODM Speaker Manufacturing Facilities

Audio ODM Manufacturing Capability

Combining precision and efficiency, our facilities boast world-class, large-scale production capabilities by integrating advanced processes from in-house component manufacturing.

  • Powerful and Advanced Production Facilities
  • Vertical integration of manufacturing capability
  • in house plastic cabinet injection, painting, printing
  • in house PCB assembly include wave soldering and SMT
  • in house manufacturing of speaker
  • Humidity and temperature control storage
  • Shop floor management system

ODM Audio Product Quality Assurance

Audio Product Quality Assurance

Quality is our core value to build up long term relationsip with customers. We control the quality from design phase till mass production.
  • Reliability test
  • Klippel
  • Hazardous substance test
  • ICT
  • AOI
  • Xray inspection
  • ATE