Healthcare Homespeaker

Healthcare Homespeaker

Aider, Your Healthcare Assistant of Living

Based on cloud computing, and IoT technology, Aider is defined as the “Pioneer” concept of “Voice Healthcare Speaker”.

Aider is designed for families or customers who are concerned about their health and required long-term home care services. Aider assembles users’ health data regularly and uploads it to its intelligent cloud database, matching it with certified medical indicators, auto-trigger users’ commands, reminds patients to take essential medical actions when needed, and feedback via mobile phone to third parties and family members when it’s critical.

It is not only able to provide seniors an easier way to take care of themselves through technology but also provides a safer & reliable way for family members when they are not able to be around.

Healthcare Homespeaker Feature

  • Up to 5 health devices can be connected. 
  • Auto wake up by wake word. 
  • Health data upload to cloud automatically
  • Easily have health data under control
  • Private cloud integration 
  • Reminding medication 
  • Multiple account linking 
  • Health education 
  • Text to speech for message 
  • Offering reference health parameter 
  • Reference calorie data and take record

Specification of Healthcare Homespeaker

We also offer total solutions for customization.

Output Power
Output Power
110 X H122 mm
PR x 1
Far-Field mems x 4​
Apps Options IO
HomeCare, ACM n. etc.
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