Next Wave of Audio Technology in Wireless Speaker Manufacturing

Navigating the Next Wave of Audio Technology in Speaker Manufacturing

As today’s consumers demand increasingly advanced audio experiences, the incorporation of advanced technologies into the design of wireless speakers is changing from a “luxury” to a “must-have.”

Reflecting the technological evolution, the wireless speaker market is projected to experience significant growth. Driven by advanced connectivity and the increasing ubiquity of smart devices, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.5% from 2022 to 2029. The surge in seamless, high-quality audio experiences has made wireless audio solutions, including home speaker systems, a key trend within the audio industry. (GMI Research)

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most recent industry reports and technological breakthroughs that have shaped the wireless speaker manufacturing process. We’ll also look at emerging trends that are poised to change the future of the audio industry, with a focus on meeting the needs of today’s market and the benefits of producing wireless speakers.

Wireless Audio SoC Technology and Its Impact

The Impact of Modern Audio Usage Trends

The increasing demand for smooth, high-quality sound experiences has driven wireless audio solutions to become a key trend in the audio industry. Wireless speakers provide flexible placement options and eliminate clutter from cables, making them ideal for minimalist living spaces.

Wireless speakers also significantly reduce the barrier to usability, as they are easy to integrate with TVs and other devices. This ease of integration encourages more consumers to spend more money on audio equipment, boosting the vibrancy of the market. What’s more, we’re even seeing more audiophiles, in some specialized usage scenarios, choosing convenience over audio fidelity because of the effortless usability wireless speakers offer.

Defining Wireless Audio SoC and Its Influence on Audio Usage

Audio SoC technology combines different audio processing elements into a single chip. This integration improves the performance of audio devices. It also improves the quality of digital signal processing (DSP), resulting in better sound quality and more accurate control of audio output. Some functions are enabled by high-performance computing of Audio SoC.

The Audio SoC technology is also promising in the area of wireless connectivity, as it offers the following key benefits for wireless devices: Ultra-low latency for audio. This makes the audio and video experience seamless for users. This accelerates the pace of new product development of go-to-market.

The market is expanding rapidly, making wireless speakers more appealing to consumers due to their convenience and sound quality. Home systems, 5G network rollouts, and the development of smart homes are changing consumer expectations, leading to innovation in the wireless speaker market. (GMI Research)

Jazz Hipster and MediaTek's Advanced Audio Collaboration

A crucial usage scenario driving consumer demand for wireless speakers is TV and home speaker setups. Jazz Hipster’s integration of MediaTek’s advanced Audio SoC technology into The Premium Speaker exemplifies the company’s commitment to meeting this market demand.


  • Ultra-Low Latency: Achieving ultra-low latency of up to 40 milliseconds necessitates a blend of adaptive streaming techniques and intelligent buffer management. The system dynamically adjusts the size of the audio buffer based on the current network conditions, which is a crucial aspect of reducing transmission delays. This involves real-time analysis of network bandwidth and latency, allowing the system to predict and preemptively adjust for any fluctuations, ensuring consistent audio playback without delays.
  • Precise Time Sync: Precise synchronization up to 150 microseconds across devices is achieved through the Network Time Protocol (NTP) and clock recovery mechanisms in the Audio SoC. Ensuring that all speakers are synchronized to the microsecond level is critical for maintaining phase coherence and spatial audio integrity across a multi-room setup.
  • Packet Loss Concealment (PLC): To combat potential quality degradation from lost data packets, the system employs advanced signal processing techniques for PLC. The system can generate a plausible substitute that seamlessly blends into the original content by analyzing the spectral properties and temporal characteristics of the audio signal before and after the loss. This technique not only maintains audio quality but also ensures that the listener’s experience remains uninterrupted, even in conditions of unreliable wireless transmission.

This synergy between Jazz Hipster’s innovative speaker designs and MediaTek’s cutting-edge technology demonstrates the potential of modern audio devices to achieve high fidelity, flexibility, and seamless integration within smart home ecosystems.

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*Actual results may vary depending on conditions and other factors.

The Pursuit and Challenges of Hi-End Audio

Modern Trends Influencing Wireless Hi-End Audio Systems

As modern trends where simplicity and versatility are at the top of everyone’s to-do list, it’s no surprise that high-end sound systems are constantly challenged to keep up with the ever-evolving demands. As a result, manufacturers have had to innovate their wireless speaker designs in order to meet the demands of the high-end user. This is why Jazz Hipster has actively participated in the Dolby Atmos FlexConnect technology project.

Dolby Atmos FlexConnect: Revolutionizing Wireless Audio Technology

Jazz Hipster and Dolby Atmos FlexConnect
The image is sourced from Dolby Atmos FlexConnect

The demand for high-end wireless audio systems is evolving amidst a significant market upturn, where innovation and intelligent integrations are essential for capturing the new generation of tech-savvy consumers who want quality, flexibility, and smooth streaming experiences.

Dolby Atmos FlexConnect is the perfect solution to meet the needs of the modern consumer who wants flexible speaker placement. Specifically, Dolby Atmos FlexConnect analyzes acoustic mapping information collected by the TV’s microphone, and automatically corrects the audio signal to optimize sound performance, removing spatial restrictions and traditional limitations on speaker placement.

What is Atmos FlexConnect? Key technical advantages include:

  • Spatial Audio Customization: Dolby Atmos FlexConnect simplifies the process of establishing a multi-speaker environment by facilitating automatic speaker recognition and calibration, ensuring optimal audio performance regardless of where the speakers are located in a room.
  • Enhanced Sound Dispersion: Imagine a home theater setup where the sound doesn’t quite hit the mark. Dolby Atmos FlexConnect steps in to transform this experience. Acting like a conductor, it intuitively directs sound precisely where it needs to be. This technology not only recognizes the placement of your speakers but also optimizes sound in real-time to ensure an immersive Dolby Atmos listening experience.
  • Compatibility and Integration: Dolby Atmos FlexConnect is designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of audio sources, ensuring users can enjoy a balanced  audio experience across different systems.

Jazz Hipster's Role with Dolby Atmos FlexConnect

By incorporating Dolby Atmos FlexConnect, Jazz Hipster offers a unique market proposition, showcasing our ability to collaborate effectively with Dolby. For models that require the Dolby Atmos FlexConnect feature, please contact Dolby or Jazz Hipster directly for support. Here, we briefly introduce this functionality:

  • Future-Proof Hi-End Product Design: Our focus on incorporating Dolby Atmos FlexConnect and other forward-looking technologies signifies our commitment to future-proofing our products, ensuring they remain at the cutting edge of audio technology and continue to meet our customers’ evolving needs.
  • Tailored Listening Experiences: Application enabling us to offer highly customizable audio solutions to our partners. This means we can develop speaker systems that adapt to varied acoustic environments and user preferences, offering an optimized listening experience that is distinctively tailored to different expectations.

Addressing the Real-World Challenges of High-End Wireless Speaker Manufacturing

Jazz Hipster's factory
Jazz Hipster's factory

Facilitating Technological Agility

Challenge: High-end speaker brands are constantly pressured to release new products that embody the latest advancements in audio technology and design. This rapid pace of innovation can strain resources, especially for brands that aim to maintain a high standard of craftsmanship and audio performance in their products.

Solution: Jazz Hipster offering direct access to our advanced R&D facilities and a team of experts in audio technology.
For instance, when a brand aims to integrate the latest audio SoC technology for enhanced features, Jazz Hipster facilitates this by leveraging our partnerships with chip manufacturers to obtain early access to new technologies. We then work closely with the brand to customize and optimize these technologies for their specific product line, ensuring a swift and efficient transition from concept to market-ready product.

Maximizing Value without Compromising Quality

Challenge: High-End speaker brands are often faced with the challenge of balancing the need for premium quality with cost-effective solutions. Finding a manufacturing partner that can deliver exceptional sound quality, design, and efficient production at a competitive price point is crucial.

Solution: To strike the perfect balance between quality and cost-effectiveness, Jazz Hipster employs a rigorous component selection process. A tangible example is our use of a modular design philosophy, which allows for customization with interchangeable parts that reduce both production costs and time.
This method not only streamlines manufacturing but also offers brands the flexibility to offer product variations without additional investment, enhancing the product’s market appeal without sacrificing quality or significantly increasing price.

Streamlining the Path to Market

Challenge: Bringing a new product to market is a complex process that involves more than just manufacturing. High-End brands must consider regulatory compliance, global market trends, and logistical challenges, all of which can be daunting and time-consuming.

Solution: Jazz Hipster simplifies the journey from concept to market presence by assigning a dedicated project management team to each partnership. This team is responsible for overseeing all aspects of product development, from initial design through to compliance certification and logistics. For example, we have streamlined the launch process for several High-End audio products by international compliance standards on behalf of our partners, managing logistics to ensure timely delivery across global markets. This comprehensive support system not only accelerates time-to-market but also ensures that products can launch with confidence, knowing every detail has been meticulously managed to meet high standards.


The technological landscape within the wireless speaker manufacturing industry presents both challenges and opportunities. The seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies like Audio SoC and Dolby Atmos FlexConnect is key to meeting modern consumers’ demands. However, navigating the complexities of rapid innovation, optimizing production efficiency, and ensuring regulatory compliance can strain resources. Jazz Hipster’s commitment to innovation and strategic partnerships allows us to navigate this landscape successfully.

*Please note that while this article strives to provide a comprehensive overview of the current trends in wireless speaker technology, the actual performance, availability, and applicability can vary based on specific circumstances, manufacturer updates, and market conditions. We recommend consulting with manufacturers or experts for detailed information.


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