Jazz Hipster Showcased wifi 6 TV Audio Systems at CES 2023

New Home Entertainment and Healthcare Solutions for wirelessly integrated AIoT high-performance platforms for digital savvy trend consumer needs.

[Taipei, Taiwan, Jan 6th, 2023] Jazz Hipster Corporation (Jazz Hipster), a leading innovative manufacturer of audio products, has announced new AIoT systems for home entertainment.

Collaborating with MediaTek, Jazz Hipster’s new AIoT systems include a wifi speaker set that provides wireless surround sound with ultra-low latency, assuring synchronized audio for the first time.

What are acoustic speakers?

A wireless surround speaker system provides much greater flexibility to meet the specific needs of each living room. The Jazz Hipster TV wifi speaker system is embedded with MediaTek wireless technologies, providing an assured sub-2ms connection and easy multi-channel AV sync between Smart TV and speakers. Setup and customization are straightforward, with the ability to exist as a standalone 2.1 kit or an extended 4.1 system, including the TV’s speakers. As each speaker contains a powerful MediaTek chip inside, there’s support for Dolby ATMOS and lossless audio, plus dual-band wifi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity.

SB310 ATMOS Home Theater

A high-performance soundbar with a 360-degree soundscape effect enhanced by innovatively designed reflected side channels that expand the field of sound for room-filling audio. 3.1 Virtual Dolby ATMOS ensures that TV, sports, movies, and console gaming is always impressive. Never lose the remote again because voice control is built-in for convenience. Its far-field microphone system ensures spoken commands can be recognized even in a busy room.
Learn more about the SB310>

VC1000 Video portable speakerphone

Perfect for team meetings and inter-office virtual collaborations with up to eight people. There is no need to move seats to be seen and heard, the VC1000 ensures everyone can be face-to-face, thanks to its 4X Full HD cameras, 4X beamforming microphones and a powerful, high-efficiency speaker, all contained in a compact, portable design. Easy to connect and setup with convenient USB-C connectivity, inbuilt AI auto video framing and DOA voice tracking ensures speakers are seen and heard clearly.
Learn more about the VC1000 all-in-one portal conference system >

CS1 Slim portable conference speakerphone

Ideal for small team meetings, impromptu collaborations or personal remote learning, this super portable, slim and light ‘puck’-sized speaker slips easily in any bag or pocket. A 360° 4-array microphone and in-built AI DSP for noise reduction allows everyone to be heard, even in an active discussion with multiple people talking at once. Bluetooth connectivity provides easy setup and the internal battery supplies up to 12 hours of activity, with fast recharging performed via USB-C.
Learn more about CS1 Slim Portable Conference Speaker >

For sales inquiries, please contact:  jsms@jazzhipster.com

About Jazz Hipster Corporation (Jazz Hipster)

Jazz Hipster Corporation (Jazz Hipster) was established in 1981. A professional speaker designer and manufacturer born to respond to the market demands, embracing human needs. For more than 40 years, Jazz Hipster has constantly evolved, led and grown with the acoustic industry. We provide a wide range of products and solutions, including video/audio conferencing, home theatre, speaker drivers, healthcare voice assistant devices and highly flexible AIoT speaker solutions. Jazz Hipster sells products under its own brand, and also works with a wide range of global OEM/ODM partners.
With 40 years’ experience and over 110 engineers committed to R&D, Jazz Hipster advanced acoustical skillset allows it to create innovative, high quality and reliable products that achieve an impressive acoustic and technology standard. Learn more about Jazz Hipster: https://jazzhipster.com/ and on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/jazz-hipster-co/

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