Jazz Hipsters Participated in CES 2023 & Launched a new SS20 stethoscope at Venetian, Las Vegas

Jazz Hipster just launched a new digital stethoscope for applying the telemedical era. This is the second product after the wireless healthcare speaker “Aider” , which states the commitment that Jazz Hipster would branch into the acoustic medical field.

Through years of solid acoustic research, Jazz Hipster applied the technology to the healthcare field, committed to devoting the resource to the new territory. SS20 is equipped with Bluetooth and a corresponding management APP, which can amplify, filter, and clarify the collected sounds and transmit the auscultation sound data to a remote medical center for further medical diagnosis.

For the clinician, save the sound within the selected bandwidth and annotate the recorded audio to share the recording with a remote third party effectively. It can significantly help many patients in impoverished areas and war zones or during the panic of a pandemic. Avoid the exposure and risk of infection when medical personnel diagnoses and treat patients with infectious pneumonia at the
Simultaneously, it meets the needs of using a stethoscope for diagnosis and treatment Bluetooth connection for remote auscultation.

SS20 features functions to overcome distance medical obstacles.

  • It can be connected to an external speaker for broadcasting by an additional dongle.
  • Apply multiple auscultation modes to filter noise.
  • Performed clear auscultation even outside the isolation gown
  • The sound data can be shared & playback to recheck.

Now it’s showcasing in Las Vegas during Jan. 5-8 in Venetian 27F Suite#140, and is available for customization based on market and customer demands.

Besides SS20, Jazz Hipster is showcasing their new flagship audio solutions, including conference series, home theater series, and the latest Wifi 6 TV/AV wireless speaker.

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